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Birthday SMS - Text Messages

Funny Birthday Wish

Its your day to make some merry,
And a day to eat the birthday cherry.
Its your day to have special fun,
And dance underneath the golden sun.
Its your day to be filled with glee,
And to go on a shopping spree.
Its your birthday dear friend,
Have fun and joy till the day ends.

Happy Birthday dear friend

Its your birthday dear friend,
And it gives me a chance
To let you know,
What you mean to me.
You have been there with me,
Through every thick and thin,
With love, joy and laughter
May your day begin.
May everything thats bright and beautiful
Be a part of your special day,
May everything that you wish upon
Be laid for you on your way.

A since birthday wish

From morning till the night,
May everything be beautiful and bright.
May God send the angels your way,
And you have an amazing birthday in every single way.
May sweet and lovely surprises awaits your day,
And you be blessed thats what I pray.

Happy Birthday Wishes

A birthday is just the right time
To sit, pause and think,
The value that we have added to life
And not just eat, merry and drink.

A birthday is just the right time
To reflect our good and bad deeds,
A time to make our hearts ready
To help those who are in real needs.

A birthday is just the right time
To realize the purpose of living,
Its not just to make merry
But realize the joy of giving.

Wishing you a happy birthday friend

As I woke up today in the morning
I realized something was special,
The sun was shinning with a brilliance today
And the chirping birds looked merrier.
I wondered what made the day so exciting,
What made my heart so happier,
And then it took me seconds to realize;
It was your birthday that made it special.
The day God sent an angel to earth,
In her own unique charm and style,
The day He gifted me with a friend so lovely
Who is sweet, caring and bubbly.
Sending birthday wishes dear friend

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