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Holidays SMS - Text Messages

We wish we could tell you Daddy

We wish we could tell you Daddy,
that how much you mean to us....
We have no words to say about
how much we appreciate you...
how much we admire you...
how much we thank you
for everything you've done.
We love you so much Daddy...
Happy Father's Day

You are the one Dad

For u r the one,
For u r the one God counted on
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world, for he
Knew i'll always need someone to talk to when no one is there for me!
Love you dad!

Have a Great Environment Day

Let the peace of Nature
flow in your life...
On World Environment
Day and always!

Care for the Environment

Care for the Environment
and you Care not only for yourself
but for the entire Universe
and all that is a part of it.

Happy World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day

Keep your world clean and green.
Save trees,Save the environment!!
Clean city,Green city!!
Happy world environment day

Happy Mothers Day

Whenever I count my blessings
I count you twice!
Thanks for always
being there for me
Happy Mothers Day

Mother My Dear

Hoping that blessings may brighten your way,
Wishing you happiness day after day,
Trusting your heart will be filled with good cheer,
And loving you tenderly, Mother my dear.

A Mothers Love

Your arms were always open
when i needed a hug
Your heart understood
when I needed a friend
Your gentle eyes were stern
when I neededa lesson
Your strength and love has guided me
and gave me wings to fly

Happy Mothers Day

You are the person for whom I have seen this beautiful world
You are the person who takes care than no one can
You are the person who always gives blessings to me unconditionally
I am proud of having you as my loving son

For a Special mother

She is clotted with strength and dignity
she can laugh all the days to come
She speaks with wisdom and faithful
instructions is on her tongue

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