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I miss you every moment
Like the sun in the sky you bring shine to my life,
Like the wind in the sky you bring joy dear wife.
Like the beats of the heart, I wanna you to be there,
I miss you every moment is all that I care.
I am missing you
I need to hold you
I need to kiss you
I need to be there
Right in your arms.

I need to talk
I need to sing
I need to dance
In the rains with you.

I need you today
i need you tomorrow
I need you every moment.

Your not being there is killing me
Its taking my breath away,
I want you back my darling sweetheart
In every single way.
I miss your presence in life
When you are not there by my side
Everything is dull and dark,
When you are not there to hold my hands
My life looses its very spark.

When you are not there to share the smile
There is nothing thats pretty and happy
When you are not there to walk with me
Every step seems to be more than a mile.
A smile is just a way
A smile is just a way to let the people know,
That all is happy with you and you forever glow.

A smile is just a way to spread the happiness,
A way to look at things with little tenderness.

A smile is just a way to make the world aware
That you are thankful to God for his love and care.
I smile because of you
You are the reason to my joy
And the reason to my smile,
You are the only one I love
With all my might
And will never let you go
Away from my sight.
Sending lots of smile to you
Its time to look a little beautiful
So sending u a smile,
Keep smiling dear friend
Till the sun shines in the sky,
And the stars twinkle so high.
A smile is just the best way
There are days when you have tears,
But keep aside all your fears.
Start your day with a lovely smile,
Feel blessed and walk in style.
Please forgive me dear
There are times when we say
What we really do not feel at heart,
There are times when words come out
And we wish there could have been a button to restart.

I have made some mistakes
That surely makes a bad past,
But with my love and passion
I will make things right fast.

All that I wanna say, you is this
Please forgive me dear with a soul kiss.
I am sorry for not being good enough
Life without you is really no fun,
You are my soul and I love you ton.

With you by my side life is always happy,
I know I was wrong and a little crappy.

Its time that I really realize my mistake,
And let you know that this relation can never break.

Please forgive me darling and come back to me,
Together to life, we will add smiles and glee.
I am sincerely sorry
I am really very sorry
For every mistake I made,
Without you here by my side feels
Its already been a decade.

Standing amongst the people
I feel there is no one I know,
Life seems to have come to a stop
And everything is moving slow.

I extend you my apology
For every wrong I did,
Please forgive me darling
And come back to me I plead.
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