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Valentines Day Messages

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Valentines Day SMS - Text Messages

I'm on a mission

I'm on a mission:
Misson 2 avoid u,
2 forget u, 2 get rid of u,
2 not to talk 2u or meet u,
in short...


I Love U

The smallest word is I,
the sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person
in the world is U.
that's why I Love U..:)

Mine forever

Dear O Dear, you are not near
but i can hear
don't get fear
your memories r here
live with cheer
no more tear
and you are mine forever!

Love is when

Love is when sum1 breaks ur heart
and the most amazing thing
is that u still luv them
with every broken piece...!!

Your precious love

Your precious love has
turned my life completely around,
I feel like I'm walking but
my feet don't seem 2 touch the ground..!!

Till life goes on

A word to say, a word to hear
Even in ur absence i feel u near
Our relation is strong.. hope it goes long
We will remain the same till life goes on!

Thank you

Thank you for the memories of
yesterday, for the happiness today,
and the promise of all tomorrows!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love makes every day a joy

Love makes every day a joy,
every moment a memory!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I will love you forever

I love you today,
as I did from the start.
I'll love you forever,
with all of my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!

You are my Valentine

You're the twinkle in my eye,
you're the song in my laugh,
you're the light in my smile.
you're my Valentine.

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