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Get Well SMS - Text Messages

Always there for you

Things are never same without you
Sending warm get well soon wishes;
To let you know that
We are there through and through.

To make you healthy again

If I had a magic wand
I would wave it all over you,
I would make sure you are healthy
And push away all the blue.

Sending you hearty get well wishes

Its bad to hear that you are not at your best,
But you will soon be healthy with a little rest.
The sun will shine bright and will bring a happy day,
And make you healthy and hearty in every single way.

A sincere get well soon wish

With a smile on your face
And a glee in your heart,
Pray To God and recover fast.
We are there to support through thick and thin,
Get well soon we wish from within.

Sending a get well soon wish

I hope you soon feel better,
So I write to you this letter.
May the angels riding high in the sky,
Takes away your illness and bid a goodbye.
Boost your spirits and take a little care,
A get well soon wish I wanted to share.

I am praying for u

A warm wish is send your way,
To let you know each day I pray.
May you soon get fit and fine,
And glow again with a golden shine.
Sending you loads of love and care,
Wrapped in a warm and sincere prayer.

Warm get well soon wish for you

Sending you a bouquet of flowers
To let you know that you are being thought of;
You are a part of every prayer ,
You are a part of every wish,
May God shower his choicest blessings
And you be healthy once again.
Sending Warm Get Well Soon wishes to you

Get well soon my dear friend

I heard that you are quite unwell,
And under some sick spell.
So get well soon my dear friend,
Some lovely time we will soon spend.

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