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Get well soon my dear friend
I heard that you are quite unwell,
And under some sick spell.
So get well soon my dear friend,
Some lovely time we will soon spend.
I want to tell u
Its the perfect time to let you know
How much you mean to me,
Its the perfect time to let you know
My love for you is deeper than a sea.
Love is timeless, love is eternal
And so is mine for you.
Love is caring for each other
And being kind and true.
Sending you love
Sending smiles and love to you,
To add a special radiance to your day,
To let you know that there is someone,
Who wants you to be happy and cheery,
In every single way.
I will forever be by your side
When you are sad and really down
And all you want to do is to frown,
I promise to be by your side
And help you face the rough tide.

When you find it really difficult
To decide what is right for you,
I promise to be by your side
And be your loving guide.

When you want someone to kiss you
And hold you real tight
I promise to be by your side,
And watch you all through the night.
I love you forever
I wanna engrave it on a stone
That I love you..

I wanna write it down on the clouds
That you mean the world to me.

I wanna penn it down in a secret diary
That life is nothing with you.

I wanna sing it in a melodious way
That you are the best thing that happened to me.

I wanna shout out aloud and let the world know
That I am nothing without you.
My eternal love for you
I love you my dear sweetheart
for reasons more than one;
You are the sunshine of my life
And the coolness of the moon,
You are the rhythm to the music
And the lovely joyous tune.
You are the cool summer breeze
that takes my heart for a ride,
You are the gentle wind blowing
And I wanna stay by your side.
Miss you always
There are times in our lives
When we feel we can go on,
When the loved ones in our lives
Are forever gone..

There are times in our lives
When we feel we can smile,
And walk without the loved ones
For miles and miles.

But as the time passes
Its apparent to realize,
The memories of good times
Makes it difficult to say goodbyes.
I need you by my side
The days turn to weeks and the weeks to an year,
But my pain for you is quite sincere.
I miss you not being here right by my side,
I try not to think of you with every passing tide.

I fail each time to erase your memory,
I fail each time to forget our lovely story.
I fail each time to not think about the time,
When I was in your arms and every mountain I could climb.
Miss you dear friend
The days turn to night
And again the nights to day,
I miss you so much dear friend
I find it difficult to say.

What a fun it was
To have a friend like you,
Who could make me laugh and smile
And make a rainbow of my blues.

Now when you are gone
There is emptiness in my heart,
I wish to begin everything
Right from the start.
I think of you
I think of you every moment
I think of you day and night,
Nothing seems to be happy
When you are out of the sight.

I am thinking of the moment
When you will be back again,
How much I missed you every moment
I will be able to explain.
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