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New Year Messages

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New Year SMS - Text Messages

Have a wishful year

Happiness keeps you sweet,
trials make you strong,
sorrows make you humble,
success keeps you glowing and
God keeps you going.
May you have a wishful year.

Be joyous

Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear,
Be joyous,
coz its new year!
Happy New Year!

Celebrate New Year

Years will pass...
memories would last.
Cherish the good ones
and ignore what gives pain...
Celebrate New Year in a
cheerful spirit by not regretting
but feeling proud of gains.

This year

This year, learn more and teach less,
laugh more and cry less,
learn more and dictate less,
appreciate more and criticize less,
love more and hate very less.
Happy New Year!

With a new year

With a new year, comes
bigger challenges and opportunities.
Beat the challenges and
grab the opportunities,
with an equal zeal.
Happy New Year!

May we live as God intended

May we live as God intended,
in a world at peace and the awareness
of His love in every sunset,
every flower's unfolding petals,
every baby's smile, every lover's kiss,
and every wonderful, astonishing,
miraculous beat of our heart.
A Very Happy New Year to You !

May you wake up

May you wake up on January 1st,
finding that the world
has not come to an end,
the lights work, the water faucets flow,
and the sky has not fallen.
Have a rocking year ahead !

Heres hoping

Here's hoping that the new year
gives you the finest wine,
coldest beer, smoothest scotch
and wildest vodka.
Happy New Year to all of you!

May you succeed

May you succeed where no one
else has succeeded before,
may you fail when it will
help you to learn a new lesson,
and may you triumph over your failure
and rise to ultimate success.
Wishing you a Happy New Year

Oh my dear

Oh my Dear, Forget your Fear,
Let all you Dreams be Clear,
Never put Tear, Please Hear...
I want to tell one thing in your Ear

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