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Please forgive me dear

There are times when we say
What we really do not feel at heart,
There are times when words come out
And we wish there could have been a button to restart.

I have made some mistakes
That surely makes a bad past,
But with my love and passion
I will make things right fast.

All that I wanna say, you is this
Please forgive me dear with a soul kiss.

I am sorry for not being good enough

Life without you is really no fun,
You are my soul and I love you ton.

With you by my side life is always happy,
I know I was wrong and a little crappy.

Its time that I really realize my mistake,
And let you know that this relation can never break.

Please forgive me darling and come back to me,
Together to life, we will add smiles and glee.

I am sincerely sorry

I am really very sorry
For every mistake I made,
Without you here by my side feels
Its already been a decade.

Standing amongst the people
I feel there is no one I know,
Life seems to have come to a stop
And everything is moving slow.

I extend you my apology
For every wrong I did,
Please forgive me darling
And come back to me I plead.

Please forgive me for the wrong

Life seems to be empty
Life seems to be grey;
When things are not right between us
Everything seems to go hay way.

I will make all efforts
To set the things right between us;
I will make all efforts
To sort out the fuss.

I am really sorry for everything

With a deep hug and a sincere apology
I seek your forgiveness.
I know what I did was very wrong,
I know it will us take a little long.
For you to believe and trust me back,
For what I did made things grey and black.
I will do everything to win your trust,
I will do everything to remove the dust.
I will do everything to break the wall,
And make efforts big and small.
To make you happy and make you smile,
To make your life more worthwhile.

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