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Teachers Day Messages

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Teachers Day SMS - Text Messages

Teacher You Are The Best

Of all the teachers I met in my life
Teacher you are surely the best,
There is something surely about you
That makes you stand out of the rest
I am fortunate to have a teacher like you
Who is caring, sharing and loving
The way you showed light to my path
I have risen in life through and through

Wishing you a special today dear teacher

Its Your Special Day Teacher

We take this day as an opportunity,
To extend our heartfelt thanks to you.
For all the patience and love you showed,
For all the kind words to guide us right,
This is to let you know
That teacher you are simply the best.

Happy Teachers Day

You Brought Sunshine To Life Teacher

You did not give me life,
But you taught me the art of life.
Without your hard work and efforts,
Without your guidance and light,
Life would not have been this blossoming.
And the sun would not have shone this bright,
Thank you teacher for all the lessons you taught,
Thank you for the shine you forever brought.

Sending you special wishes on the Teachers Day

You have always guided me Teacher

There is no single word
Which describes your influence in my life.
Without you, I would have been lost,
Thank you teacher and it goes unsaid
For guiding and inspiring me,
And making me what I am today.

Wishing you a happy teachers day

Thanks Teacher for Always Being There

You inspired us and added a meaning to life,
With you it was easy to face every strife.
To every lesson that was big or small,
You were a guide who always stood very tall.
Warm greetings are sent your way,
To paint for you a very special day.

Warm Greetings On The Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day

You gave us the lesson of truth and discipline
You are forever there for us without any grin
You taught us to always go the right way
And make the best out of every single day

Sending love to you on the teachers day

You Have Been A Brilliant Teacher

On this very special day,
A note of thanks is sent your way.
To express my heart felt greetings
To someone who is more than just a teacher.
You have been there in my dark days,
Leading me diligently through the way.
Pulling my ship to the shore,
When the storms in the sea were at a roar.
For all the guidance and love you showered,
Thank You Teacher today and forever.

Thank You teacher For Guiding Our Way

You guide us,
You teach us,
You let us know,
what is right.
You help us,
You direct us,
And make us paint,
our lives bright.
Thank you teacher for
reasons more than one,
With you by our side
There is nothing
that goes undone.

Happy teachers Day

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